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Italian Language, Literature, and Culture

Why Study Italian?

The program in Italian language, literature, and cultures, which leads to a B.A. degree, provides students with mastery of the language and in-depth knowledge of Italian literature and culture. Lower-division courses provide basic linguistic skills (reading, writing and speaking) and introduce students to Italian culture and aesthetic production. Upper-division courses give students expertise in socio-cultural issues as well as literary and cinematic history, analysis and theory. Our interdisciplinary approach is grounded in the history of Italy and its culture from the Middle Ages through the Renaissance to the present. All students with more than one year of high-school Italian are required to take a placement examination, given immediately before registration each semester. This requirement applies to all students regardless of class standing or previous study. Prospective majors should consult the Italian program coordinator as early as possible. Early consultation is particularly important for students with little or no preparation in Italian so they may be sure to satisfy prerequisites and requirements within four years. For information about certification to teach Italian at the secondary-school level, see "Education/Arts and Sciences (dual program)" in the catalog.

Study Abroad

We strongly encourage students studying Italian to spend a semester or a year abroad. SU's program in Florence, Italy, enables students to take fully accredited classes in Italian language and literature, fine arts, history, political science, and a number of electives outside Arts and Sciences. Students fluent in Italian may take courses at the Centro per Stranieri at the University of Florence. For further information, contact the Italian-program coordinator or visit the SU Abroad Website.

Italian Picture 1

Florence from Dome of Cathedral

Italian Picture 2

Canal in Murano

Italian Picture 3

Venice: Ponte dei Sospiri

Italian Picture 4

Florence: Ponte Vecchio

Italian Picture 5

Castle of Bardi

Italian Picture 6

Perugia: the main piazza